Foam Roller Exercises

Today’s post will highlight exercises that help with releasing the muscles and mobilizing the joints of the thoracic spine and releasing your glute muscles through the use of a foam roller. Although one of our very first PTtip videos here at Physical Therapy First, it...

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Strengthening Exercises to Help with Lateral Elbow Pain

Now that the weather is finally warm and sunny, it is the perfect time to get active and spend time outdoors! It is prime-time for outdoor activities like playing tennis, fishing, or golfing. Despite being fun, these activities can lead to overuse injuries and...

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Using Leukotape for Shin Splints

Leuko-taping, as described in our previous PTtip video,  is a taping technique our therapists use on our patients to relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or shin splints. Specifically, today's post will focus on how to effectively apply...

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Simple Stretches for the Lower Back

Are you suffering from lower back pain and stiffness? Since many of us have experienced tightness in our lower backs at some point in our lives, it's important to know how to combat it. Have you felt stiffness in your lower back first thing in the morning after waking...

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Hip Strengthening Exercises

Did you read our last two blog posts featuring desk exercises and seated chair exercises that can be performed anywhere with simply the use of a chair? Today’s post follows up with some hip strengthening exercises that can be performed anywhere! These exercises are...

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Seated Chair Exercises

Our last blog post featured desk exercises for neck tension that can be performed while sitting at your workstation. Today’s post will highlight additional seated chair exercises that can be done right from your desk! These exercises are great  because they only...

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Desk Exercises for Neck Tension

Today’s post will highlight simple stretches for your neck muscles. Despite the sunny and warm spring weather, many of us may find ourselves sitting at a desk and working on a computer for long hours. Sitting with poor posture and for extended periods of time may...

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Warm Up Exercises for Spring Sports

Although it may be hard to believe spring is finally here given the harsh weather we had this past winter, it’s now time for the spring sports season to officially begin! With each sport, it’s important to remember to include a proper warm up and cool down routine...

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Thera-band Exercises for the Upper Body

Today’s post will highlight upper body exercises that can be performed using a thera-band. Thera-bands, also commonly known as exercise bands, are a great piece of exercise equipment to have in order to perform resistive exercise to assist in strengthening your...

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