How to Avoid Surgery if You Have a Lumbar Herniated Disc

How to Avoid Surgery if You Have a Lumbar Herniated Disc If you’ve been diagnosed with a ruptured or herniated disc in your back, then you’re likely suffering from muscle spasms, sharp/dull pain, cramping, leg weakness or loss of function, and/or sciatica. Your  pain...

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3 Sleep Positions That Will Fight Morning Pain and Stiffness

3 Sleep Positions That Will Fight Morning Pain and Stiffness Are you woken up every day by morning pain and stiffness? While these symptoms may be annoying or uncomfortable, don’t fret. It’s likely nothing serious. Typically, morning back pain is a result of low-grade...

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Suffering from Lower Back Pain?

How Exercise Can Help Your Lower Back Pain:  Are you suffering from low back pain? When your back is hurting, you may just want to lie in bed and rest. This is understandable, but it may not help you get any better. Did you know that moving is actually good for your...

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Massage Therapy and Spa Massages: What’s the Difference?

Medical Massage Therapy Versus Spa Massages: What’s the Difference? What's the difference between a spa massage and a medical massage? After all, a massage is a massage, right? These types of treatment each have a unique purpose.. Keep reading to learn which one is...

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Exercises for Toddlers

Although the colder months are quickly approaching, it is still important for you and your family to stay physically active. We’ve previously highlighted exercises that kids can perform using an exercise ball,  and today’s post will focus on simple exercises for...

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Tips for Relieving Back Pain during your Daily Routine

We hope everyone has been enjoying the fall season! These tips are your first steps to relieving back pain if you experience it throughout the day. If you missed our first post on back pain, which offered three simple stretches for the lower back, you can view it...

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Warm Up Exercises for Runners

The fall season is a popular time for enjoying time outside, training for fall sports, and participating in road races now that the cooler, crisp temperatures are here. Whether you’ve signed up for a local running race or simply just enjoy heading outside for a run,...

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Exercises for Kids using an Exercise Ball

Although the summer is over and the school year has begun, it is still important to remember to get an adequate amount of daily physical activity not only for you but your kids as well! Today on the blog, we’ll be highlighting exercises for kids using an exercise...

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