Shoulder pain is a very common complaint and as people age, the pain can get worse and limit your function. If you are someone who experiences shoulder pain when reaching into your cabinet or getting dressed in the morning, then exercises for your shoulder may be the best way to manage your pain.

In a recent review of the highest quality of research available, exercise has been shown to diminish pain, increase mobility, and improve function for those that are experiencing subacromial shoulder pain. Other terms you may have heard for this type of pain include subacromial impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tendinopathy, or rotator cuff related shoulder pain.

Authors in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy Journal recently reviewed 16 systematic reviews that concluded shoulder exercises supervised in a PT clinic and then performed at home as part of a home exercise program is the strongest recommendation to treat shoulder pain. These exercises include ones to strengthen the shoulder and shoulder blade muscles, as well as exercises to improve the mobility and quality of movement of the shoulder complex. It was also determined that for those with persistent shoulder pain, exercises are just as effective as corticosteroid injections in the short term management, and just as effective as shoulder decompression surgery in the long term management. Treating your shoulder pain with exercises decreases the risk of negative side effects, are less expensive, and promote general health benefits.

At Physical Therapy First, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your shoulder, shoulder blade, and adjacent joints to determine the best exercises for you to manage your pain and improve function. We give individualized treatment for any person to help them achieve their specific goals. Whether you are a teacher having trouble writing on the board or an overhead athlete that’s unable to hit a volleyball, Physical Therapy First can help you get back to living your everyday lifestyle.

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