Tips for Relieving Back Pain during your Daily Routine

We hope everyone has been enjoying the fall season! These tips are your first steps to relieving back pain if you experience it throughout the day. If you missed our first post on back pain, which offered three simple stretches for the lower back, you can view it...

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Warm Up Exercises for Runners

The fall season is a popular time for enjoying time outside, training for fall sports, and participating in road races now that the cooler, crisp temperatures are here. Whether you’ve signed up for a local running race or simply just enjoy heading outside for a run,...

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Exercises for Kids using an Exercise Ball

Although the summer is over and the school year has begun, it is still important to remember to get an adequate amount of daily physical activity not only for you but your kids as well! Today on the blog, we’ll be highlighting exercises for kids using an exercise...

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Lower Body Exercises

We hope September has been off to a great start for everyone! Last month's post highlighted several quick and easy lower body exercises that you can incorporate into your exercise routine. In case you missed it, you can read it here. For today’s post, we’ll be sharing...

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How to Use a Suspension Trainer

  Today we’ll be highlighting another great tool that can be added to your exercise routine: a suspension trainer. Commonly referred to as TRX, the suspension trainer can be a great tool for using your own body weight as resistance. In our PTtip video, Dr. Alex...

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Trigger Point Release Using the TheraCane and Tennis Ball

We’ve highlighted several great tools to use within your exercise routine such as the foam roller, Theraband Flexbar, and Theraband. Today’s post will highlight other great tools that can be used like a simple tennis ball and the TheraCane that can both aid in...

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On-the-Go Exercises

We hope everyone has been enjoying the summer! It is hard to believe it's already August and the start of a new school year is quickly approaching. Today’s post will highlight a few quick and easy on-the-go exercises for your workout routine! These are great exercises...

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Foam Roller Exercises

Today’s post will highlight exercises that help with releasing the muscles and mobilizing the joints of the thoracic spine and releasing your glute muscles through the use of a foam roller. Although one of our very first PTtip videos here at Physical Therapy First, it...

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Strengthening Exercises to Help with Lateral Elbow Pain

Now that the weather is finally warm and sunny, it is the perfect time to get active and spend time outdoors! It is prime-time for outdoor activities like playing tennis, fishing, or golfing. Despite being fun, these activities can lead to overuse injuries and...

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Using Leukotape for Shin Splints

Leuko-taping, as described in our previous PTtip video,  is a taping technique our therapists use on our patients to relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or shin splints. Specifically, today's post will focus on how to effectively apply...

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