Meniscus? What’s that?

by Joseph Holmes, PT, DPT, CDN, FNCP Introduction Meniscus. It’s a strange word, right? Many people are not aware that the meniscus is the protective covering over the lower leg (tibia) which forms cushion and support for the knee (20 from CPG). There are many...

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Recovery after volleyball

by Elizabeth Kwon, SPT There are a variety of recovery methods used to enhance the performance of athletes; however, the specific techniques and dosage are debated among various individual sports and athletes. Volleyball is an intermittent sport requiring bursts of...

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My Shoulder is Frozen-What?

By Joseph Holmes, PT, DPT, CDN, FNCP Adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder, is a debilitating and rapidly developing impairment of the shoulder. Adhesive capsulitis is defined as having a painful shoulder with pain present vaguely throughout the...

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Treating Your Low Back Pain: But my MRI says….

By Joseph Holmes, PT, DPT, CDN, FNCP The likelihood that any adult in the United States will experience some form of low back pain each year is 1.5%-36%. Moreover, about 25% of adults report having at least 1 day of low back pain in the past 3 months (1). There are...

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Sleep Hygiene Tips and Tricks

Gabrielle Herman, PT, DPT, CMPT  The three pillars of health include diet, exercise, and sleep. Optimizing all three is critical to exercise recovery as well as overall health and well-being. Ignoring one pillar often causes the...

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Sleep Hygiene and Athletic Performance

Gabrielle Herman, PT, DPT, CMPT It is well recognized that getting 7-9 hours of sleep for adults and 8-10 hours for adolescents is an essential component of health and general well-being. In the more recent years, there has been accumulating evidence regarding the...

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