ACL Injury

by Scott Vocke, DPT, CMTPT Physical Therapist The ACL is one of four ligaments that helps to stabilize the knee. It is most commonly injured during quick stopping and twisting motions of the knee with the foot planted on the ground. Surgery can be performed to repair...

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The Key Benefits and Goals of Physical Therapy

The Role of Physical Therapy The role of physical therapy is to help regain and restore the pain-free and comfortable movement and overall health that a person experienced prior to an injury, illness or disability. To achieve this, the physical therapist will design...

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Low-Impact Pinched Nerve Exercises

Back stretches for pinched nerves: Side bends Start in a standing position with your hands on your hips. Maintain straight posture. Gently stretch your lower back by leaning to the left and the right. Perform five side bends towards each side of your body. Twist Start...

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Think You Have a Pinched Nerve?

Signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve include: Tingling Burning Numbness Pain Muscle weakness (especially in the arms/hands if you have a pinched nerve in your neck) “Pins and needles” The area may feel like it has "fallen asleep" You may experience worsened symptoms...

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