Knee Osteoarthritis and Perceived Joint Instability

by Maureen Ambrose PT, DPT, OCS A common report among patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis is the feeling that the knee is buckling or “giving way” during weight bearing activities. This could occur while walking or going down stairs and contributes to...

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Increase your running distance without re-injury

by Maureen Ambrose PT, DPT, OCS Are you a runner looking to increase your miles? Or, are you rehabilitating a running injury and ready to return to running? Is it possible to safely increase running mileage with the least risk for injury? The Journal of Orthopaedic...

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Liars in Research … a quest for the truth in medicine.

by John A. Baur, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT A record number of retractions are occurring in research due to falsified or fake research. One lie that many Americans have heard over the years is that resveratrol in red wine is heart healthy. Dipak Das, PhD, a...

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Optimal Sleep Position to Prevent Pain and Headaches

by Maureen Ambrose, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT Optimal Sleep Position What position is best for sleep? What kind of pillow should I be using? I wake up with neck/back/hip pain or headaches. These are questions and concerns that a physical therapist will discuss with nearly...

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Dizziness and Exercise Based Vestibular Rehab

Dizziness and Exercise Based Vestibular RehabBy Sean Phillips PT, DPT, OCS Millions of people suffer from dizziness every year, making even the simplest daily tasks difficult to perform. However, the word “dizzy” can accompany many different symptoms that someone can...

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Concussions and Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussions and Post Concussion Syndrome By Lillian Byington PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT Up to 3 million people each year seek medical treatment for concussions and concussion related symptoms; and further research indicates that up to half of people experiencing concussion do...

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Dry Needling Treatment – How it Works

Dry Needling Treatment Explained by Logan Swisher SPT How is Dry Needling treatment applied? Dry needling treatment has become an increasingly popular treatment technique performed by certified health care providers. It refers to the insertion of a very thin needle...

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Can Physical Therapy help my Headache?

By Maureen Ambrose PT, DPT, OCS INTRO Headaches are a common complaint for many people, and most assume that it is just normal part of life. Some may experience headaches multiple times per week or even daily. Patients often report that headache medication may help...

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Does Dry Needling really work?

A Dry Needling Study by Logan Swisher SPT Background: Myofascial pain syndrome is caused by myofascial trigger points or highly localized and irritable spots in muscle. Recently dry needling has been used as an instrument assisted technique to address myofascial...

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