Time Saving Healthy Eating Tips

I wanted to focus today’s post on time saving healthy eating tips by providing you with a few simple tips and suggestions to staying healthy week-to-week! One of the biggest misconceptions I frequently hear around healthy eating is that it’s too time consuming, so...

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Healthy ‘Kid Friendly’ Lunch Ideas

It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again for kids to go back to school! Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Of course, it’s much too soon to think about that right now. So instead, let’s discuss some healthy lunch ideas for your kids to...

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Healthy Fall Foods

It’s hard to believe but the summer is quickly coming to an end and before we know it, school will be back in session, and the fall season will be here! With the fall, comes cooler temperatures, color changes in the leaves, and most importantly many delicious super...

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Tips on Healthy Eating when Dining Out

Do you ever feel like when you're dining out at a restaurant and open the menu, you find yourself staring at a textbook size list of options? You know you want to enjoy yourself and eat something delicious, but you also want to be mindful and enjoy something...

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Overnight Oats

Today, I wanted to piggyback off my “Hectic to Healthy: How to Jump Start Your Day in a Healthy Way” post and provide you with a few simple yet delicious Overnight Oats options! This is an excellent way to ensure that you’re eating a nutritious breakfast that can be...

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Bone Health & Calcium Rich Foods

Today’s topic will focus on calcium and bone health! It can be intimating to hear about so many vitamins and minerals we’re suppose to consume within our diets. To keep it simple, eating a wide variety of nutrient dense foods is the easiest way to ensure you’re...

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Today I wanted to focus on SHOPPING in particular, food shopping! One of my favorite things to do ☺. It can sometimes be a little overwhelming at the store with so many different options. We walk in and are bombarded with a plethora of choices which may either make us...

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Travel Tips on How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

With the summer months almost here and temperatures steadily rising, this can only mean one thing: Vacation time! So in order to ensure that you stay healthy while on-the-go and avoid the temptation to eat for convenience (which not only will benefit your health but...

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High Quality H20 and Why It’s so Important!

So we hear time and time again on the importance of water and why we need to drink it daily. We also typically hear that we need to consume 64ounces (8 cups) of water each day. This notion of 8 daily cups of 8oz of water has become popular over the years as a general...

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