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Lumbar Spine

Modified Schober’s Test
Flexion PPIVMs
Extension PPIVMs
Stress Test – Anterior Shear
H&I Assessment
Extension Lock – PLDP
Mobilization for Flexion (Opening)
Flexion Mobilization MWM Mulligan
Combined PPIVMs
TL Junction Manipulation

SI joint

Kinetic Testing SI Joint
SI Joint – NWB Kinetic Tests
Load Transfer (Portland Test)
SI Belt
SI Manipulation


Hip Mobility Assessment (FABER, SCOUR)
Structural Assessment
Hip Manipulation (Bump)
Alternative Manipulation
Clamshell and other Exercises


Test Clusters for the Knee
Mobilizations to Gain Knee Flexion
Mobilizations to Gain Knee Extension
Superior Tib Fib Joint (WB)
Superior Tib Fib (NWB)
Superior Tib Fib (Post Glide)
Superior Tib Fib (Ant Glide)


Ankle and Foot

Achilles Tendinopathy (cluster)
Plantar Fasciitis (cluster)
Frictions – General Lower Extremity
Functional WB Assessment (Foot)
Functional WB Assessment (Foot) with Rotation
Talar Swing Test
Drawer Test (Acute/Chronic)
Ankle Mortice and Syndesmotic Injuries
Manipulations of the Foot
Dorsiflexion of the Ankle – WB/Non-WB
Superior Tib-Fib Joint

Shoulder, Elbow and Hand

Surface Anatomy
Carpal Mobilizations
Median Nerve Entrapment
Mobilization of the RC Joint
Ulnar Abduction and Quadrants
Lateral Epicondylitis Cluster
Elbow Assessment and Manipulation
STTT of the Shoulder
Impingement Cluster Shoulder
GH Joint Mobility
Long Head of the Biceps
AC Joint Assessment
Scapular Mobility
Neurodynamics – Upper Quadrant

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