Our last blog post featured desk exercises for neck tension that can be performed while sitting at your workstation. Today’s post will highlight additional seated chair exercises that can be done right from your desk! These exercises are great  because they only require the use of a chair and can be modified by either using weights or no weights to fit your own exercise needs. In our PTtip video, our Clinic Director at our Roland Park office location, Dr. Ray Moore, PT, DPT, OCS, OMPT and physical therapy student intern, Sarah Voelkel demonstrate three exercises that are typically given to our patients to perform:

Seated Chair Exercises PTtip Video

Seated Marches:

  • Targets your hip flexors.
  • Helps with walking and walking up and down stairs.
  • Sit fully back into your chair with your back straight.
  • Alternate lifting legs up and down, as if you are marching up and down stairs.
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions on each leg.
  • Rest for about 30 seconds and repeat the exercise again.

*To make the exercise more challenging, place ankle weights around each ankle.

Long Arc Quads Exercise:

  • Targets your quadriceps muscles to help keep them strong.
  • Sit fully back into your chair with back straight.
  • Alternate slowly kicking each leg straight out into the air.
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions on each side.
  • Rest and repeat for an additional set.

*Again, for an added challenge, place ankle weights around each ankle.

Arm Curls:

  • Targets your bicep muscles.
  • Sit up tall in your chair and slowly alternate bringing each arm up and down toward your shoulders.
  • You can use no weights or dumbbells for this exercise.
  • Repeat for 10 repetitions on each side.
  • Rest and repeat for another set.

Additional Tips:     

  • If using ankle weights, make sure to use the same amount of weight on each side.
  • If you do not have dumbbells, use soup cans weighing roughly 1 to 2 pounds when performing the arms curls.

Now that we have been experiencing warmer temperatures on a more consistent basis, it is important to remember to drink enough water to help keep you hydrated. The amount of water an individual needs depends on a variety of different factors such as your physical activity level including the intensity and duration of exercise and the temperature and humidity of where you live to name just a few. Keeping a reusable water bottle with you can help remind you to drink water throughout the day. With spring produce now thriving; consider adding fresh lime juice or strawberry slices to your water! Lime juice and strawberries make plain water taste more refreshing and supply a great amount of vitamin C (when the strawberry slices are eaten, of course!).

Make sure you watch the PTtip video to learn how to properly perform the above stretches, and if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with one of our physical therapists, give us a call today at 1-855-PT-FIRST!

*As a reminder, always discuss any questions or concerns with your physician regarding your own health and dietary needs, as the information written should not replace any medical advice.


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