With the summer months almost here and temperatures steadily rising, this can only mean one thing: Vacation time! So in order to ensure that you stay healthy while on-the-go and avoid the temptation to eat for convenience (which not only will benefit your health but your wallet as well) you are going to want to check out these tips I have compiled for you to use during your next trip!


                Tip #1            

Pack your own snacks so that when hunger strikes, you’re not tempted to stop at a convenience store or fast-food joint. By bringing a balanced, nutrient dense snack or meal comprised of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, you’ll stay full and satisfied while also saving yourself money! Some great snack ideas include:

  • Nuts like almonds or pistachios
  • Nutrition bars (i.e Questbars, larabars) that are low in sugar but provide an adequate amount of protein (you don’t want to purchase protein bars that contain more grams of sugar than protein, the less ingredients the better!)
  • Fruits like oranges, bananas, or apples that are easy to travel with or dried fruit where the only ingredient is the fruit itself!
  • Pre-cut veggies like carrots, cucumbers, or celery
  • Almonds/peanut butters or hummus to pair with your fruit or veggies!

Tip #2:

As I recently visited several airports while traveling, I was able to take a look at several food and beverage options, and although you’ll still see your typical McDonalds, Wendy’s, pizza joints, and ice cream stands, there ARE places where you can make healthy choices! Here are some of my go-to eats for when I’m on the go at the airport!

  • Sandwiches- made with whole wheat, rye, or sourdough breads, lean deli meats, 1 slice of cheese, and veggies! Starbucks has several great options of pre-made sandwiches that are a good choice when on the go. There also will typically be several other sandwich places that will have similar options, where you may be able to customize your order as well!
  • Oatmeal- several places like Starbucks, McDonalds, or Au Bu Pain, will have oatmeal on their menu, which is also a great choice especially if you find yourself at the airport early in the morning before you’ve had breakfast! Stick to keeping it simple with small amounts of the add-ons like brown sugar, cream, etc. Keep to the rule of thumb of everything in moderation!
  • Yogurt- greek yogurt is a great choice (i.e. Chobani, Fage), as it has a higher protein content than regular yogurts, which will keep you full longer. These will typically be found in the magazine stores as the airport. Greek yogurt would pair nicely with fruit and some nuts to make an excellent healthy option!
  • Salads- greens are always a great option but opt for salads that have an adequate amount of protein (i.e. tofu, beans or chicken), veggies, and the dressing on the side! Asking for the dressing on the side will allow you to have more control of the portion, so you don’t find yourself with more dressing than salad 🙂 Sometimes you’ll find salads that have more added toppings like croutons, tortilla strips, or a lot of cheese than actual veggies and protein so try to keep those toppings to a minimum when looking for salad options while using the dressing sparingly.

Tip #3

Remember to stay HYDRATED! Traveling can leave you dehydrated and feeling sluggish, especially if you’re flying, so it can be easy to steer in the direction of wanting high sugar, caffeine-laden drinks. By drinking plenty of water during your travels, you will also be able to minimize feelings of jet lag after flying. Even if you’re traveling by car, train, bus etc. staying hydrated is still incredibly important. Do you know why? If not, then you MUST check out my previous post on ‘High Quality H20 and Why It’s so Important’!

Happy Traveling! 🙂